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In this month’s caption competition we have selected a fetching picture of motorcycle-mad MD, Andrew Bloom, getting some last minute words of encouragement from his trainer before a big race.

However, if you have a better caption for this picture email your entry to Richard Deacon ( The best caption will be published in next month’s Bridging Life and the winner will receive a bottle of the finest Bollinger champagne for their wit.

Let your imaginations run wild!

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  1. Robyn Hall says:

    Now remember, you may be fast, but the fastest animal on earth, with a top speed of 120 feet per second, is still the cow that has been dropped out of a helicopter.

  2. ibridging says:

    “But I thought this new AOBP was the Association of Biking Professionals… I want my money back!”

  3. Chris Ashton says:

    With a shiny new pencil case and a final handshake Chris Parr sets of on his first solo mission “up north”.

  4. Biking conjoined twins forget to bring the sidecar

  5. I’ve always wanted to meet Les Battersby !

  6. Andrew was chuffed when Dirk Kuyt decided to enquire where the tryouts for the “Power Ranger look-a-like” competition were being held

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