Caption Competition (November)


This competition is now closed – Check out the winner here

In this month’s caption competition we have selected an oh-so flattering snapshot of Sales and Marketing director Richard Deacon in an uncompromising position with Underwriting Manager Brian Levin on a recent night out.

If you can pick your jaws off the floor and come up with a caption for this picture email your entry to Richard Deacon ( (or register and post it here as a comment). The best caption will be published in next month’s Bridging Life and the winner will receive a bottle of the finest Bollinger champagne for their wit.

The winner of October’s caption competition, featuring a fetching picture of motorcycle-mad MD, Andrew Bloom, getting some last minute words of encouragement from his trainer before a big race, was Steve Clifton with:

“Andrew, I know that you are not bothered by the hairpin bends, but the large bridge frightens you!”

Congratulations Steve, the Bollinger is winging your way as we speak.

Let’s see if we can top that caption for this month – on your marks, get set, submit!

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  1. rachkay says:

    “The undercover cop soon regretted asking Richard to take a Breathalyser Test.”

  2. Chris Ashton says:

    Richard proving he will always go that extra mile for his clients!

  3. says:

    Jesus!!!!!!! This German lager’s strong!!!!!!

  4. Raymc says:

    When Brian said he had a new bridge Richard wasted no time in checking it out

  5. IMHarris says:

    That was my King Prawn & I want it back now!!

  6. Mike Gallop says:

    “Down the Tequila, lick the salt and suck the………………..lemon”

  7. V Gower says:

    “I know this is not as effective as the “Heimlich Manoeuvre” but it’s much more fun”

  8. Dinendra Haria says:

    “ This is how to bridge relationships with clients”

  9. Paul Brett says:

    “Brian needed the kiss of life when Andrew Bloom said he was getting the drinks in”

  10. Rachel Hanson says:

    “Brian had enjoyed the flirting and playful behaviour, but the tongue down the throat was just a bridge too far”

  11. Jonathan Newman says:

    “This is how some bridging lenders suck the blood out of every deal, but we’re not like this at Masthaven”

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