Deacons Diary – Service, service, service


Masthaven was delighted to win the Business Moneyfacts award for Best Service from a Bridging Finance Provider at their recent awards event for the second time in three years. But, what I want to focus on in this piece is why I think we won it and why Masthaven keep on winning the awards!

Since I have been at Masthaven, for the past five years, the firm has won no fewer than nine industry awards, with five of them being for service excellence or the equivalent. I often get asked by lender and broker alike how do we win them and how do we consistently perform so well at these events, even though we do little or no advertising with the company’s presenting the awards.

I guess it all starts with the team behind the name. From Andrew Bloom and I as directors of the company, all the way through the whole team of BDM’s, underwriters, assistant underwriters, compliance, finance and accounts teams, we all have the same ethos. Every day we all turn up for work, we are always trying our absolute best to get “the deal” over the line. Whether that be from the advertising or marketing we do that highlights our products and services, through to issuing terms quickly, efficiently and accurately, through to simply calling clients and introducers back when we say we are going to.

We have a saying in the office that the ball should never be in our court. That is not code for fobbing people off with excuses, but a serious mindset that means we will not be happy until we have done everything we can “our end” on that particular case. With this mindset it does mean that we all work a few extra hours in the week as the team is often sending emails and making calls before 8am and well after 7pm.

It doesn’t end there though. Once the case completes, you would suspect most lenders breathe a sigh of relief and look for the next one. Sure, we are always on the lookout for the next completion but we do not let the loan we have just completed on sit there until redemption. We actively manage that loan from day one until it repays. We’re always in contact with the client so that we are managing their expectations and there are no nasty surprises a few months in to deals.

It is testament to the underwriters, their assistants and the collections team that we often get complimentary emails and cards expressing clients’ thanks and satisfaction with the service they have received from us. We all know it’s very easy to complain, but not many people take the time out to give praise and thanks… It means a lot to us.

There are those that argue that service does not matter in bridging finance, it is all about getting funds to the client in a time efficient manner. This is of course true to a certain extent, as that is why people mainly use bridging, butat Masthaven we really do pride ourselves on doing the best possible job we can every day to everyone we are in contact with. It is something we are proud of, care about and are passionate about maintaining.


About the author

Richard Deacon - Sales and Marketing Director - Richard has been with Masthaven for over 5 years now and within the finance industry for over 15 years. In that time he has worked for companies as diverse as Santander, HFC Bank, Welcome Finance and Personal Touch Packaging, encompassing virtually every aspect of financial services. Richard believes that “people buy from people” and as such has formed some tremendously strong relationships, not only in the bridging finance market but also in the more global finance sector.

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