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Introducing… Masthaven Life

Welcome to our new look magazine. No prizes for spotting the main difference! By changing its name from Bridging Life to Masthaven Life, we are now incorporating our long term loan proposition Masthaven Secured Loans (MSL). In 2015 we want […]

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Deacon’s Diary


Deacons Diary – Predictions for 2015

In the bleak mid-winter, it is often the done


Scotland the brave

Having just returned from a three day trip to


Deacons Diary – October 2014

Having looked over old ‘Deacon’s Diaries’, I think I


Deacons Diary – Don’t mention the W….

What a simply stupendous time to be in our


Deacon’s Diary- A good start makes for a good end

How many times have you said recently: ‘Where has

Wild west


Wild West – 2014 has left the building!

At this time of the year we tend to

Neil Molyneux

Wild West – October 2014

It’s here - the final quarter of 2014 –

Neil Molyneux

Building Bridges

The UK has a problem, a very big problem

Neil Molyneux

Wild West – July 2014

That’s the first half of 2014 we are not

Neil Molyneux

The key to a BDM

Winter has come, gone and soaked us all.  Spring

Northern Lights

Northern Lights – Bridging – the beautiful game, Don’t rely on past glories

Northern Lights – My First Slot

Northern Lights – Jan 2013

Northern Lights – October 2012

Northern Lights – Bridging BDM of the year 2012

Auction Update

Auction Update – October 2014

Auction Update – July 2014

Expanding into the Corporate Markets

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